Do you have headache on rainy days?

After the long rainy days, it’s finally sunny this week!  Some people have headache only on rainy days or right before rain starts.  Japanese Kampo researchers found out that more than 90% of people who experience this type of headache respond well to Wu Ling San (1).  Wu Ling San has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for “removing water toxin” from the body.  In Kampo, the use of Wu Ling San is expanded from toddler’s acute vomitting/diarrhea such as in noro virus infection, to brain edema, trigeminal neuralgia, shingles, and headache from reduced volume of spinal fluid.  If you suffer from rainy day headache, call us!  We can help you.

(1) Journal of Kampo Medicine, vol.52 12 (2005) (in Japanese)

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