We Are Special Because…

We listen seriously to your health concerns and work together with you to find the best Kampo herbal formula for you.

We spend time with you for the entire session.

We use Japanese most comfortable disposable needles. Please see the next video to find out how soft the Japanese needle we use.

Your Office Visit

  1. For your first treatment session, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time in order to fill out the necessary forms. Alternatively, you may print and fill out the forms before your appointment (New Patient Form, Notice Of Privacy Practices, Medical History).
  2. We will review your medical history and complaints and ask about your symptoms and other general health conditions.
  3. We will ask to feel your pulse at your wrist to choose the right herbal formula for you.
  4. We may ask to palpate your abdomen to fine tune the herbal formula for you.
  5. Acupuncture will be performed. We use Japanese most comfortable disposable needles, Seirin brand. The needles are inserted only few millimeters into the acupoints. Even if your problem is local such as shoulder pain, we treat your whole body to regain smooth flow of energy in the whole body. We start needling from your feet, legs, continue to abdomen, head, shoulder, back, and back of your legs. Compared to the most common Chinese methods, the insertions of needles are shallower, and not only the local problem area but the whole body is treated. The practitioner will be with you for the entire session, which takes about 90 min. You may receive moxibustion (warming treatment) or cupping to improve circulation. You can opt out of receiving acupuncture if you prefer herbal treatment only.
  6. Kampo herbal formulas will be prescribed. You may choose to purchase a combination of dried herbs, which you cook at home to make herbal tea (see How to cook chinese herbs in YouTube) or powdered extract formula which does not require cooking.
  7. Typically, we expect you to come back in two weeks to check your progress. Since every person responds uniquely to the treatment, we cannot guarantee the result. However, we expect to see improvement in 2-6 treatment sessions depending on the problem. Typically, conditions that have persisted for a long time will take longer to respond to treatment. We work with you in the search for your “best fit Kampo herbal formula”. Like a tailor who gives you fitting, we modify the formula based on your feedback.


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