• The most complete, thorough  and effective acupuncture treatment I have ever had and so polite! A great deal of time and effort is given to each patient.The atmosphere is relaxing and private. Parking is good and it’s in a safe neighborhood. Prices are reasonable. (G.W. Sunnyvale)
  • The clinic is very effective in treating minor to major illnesses/conditions.  She prescribed me an herb for my persistent flu last year and it worked great.  She also used acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat my persistent pain.  I refer her to all my friends and family. (J.R. Mountain View)
  • I strongly recommend her for any type of pain.
    I have started seeing Dr. Kagawa’s treatment since last September with once a week bases for my severe neck problem. The sharp pain diminished immediately after the first acupuncture session. However, the pain coming from my arm didn’t go away until this year. To get a better result, we switched the treatment to twice a week from January. The result was great. I started feeling the result every after the treatment.
    I feel fine now but thinking seeing her every once in a while regardless before I build up too many problems around shoulder and neck. (M.A. Cupertino)
  • I have been in searching of right doctor always. After reading many great reviews, I made my appointment with Dr. Kagawa. She is awesome. I like this great doctor, listener, professional expert, and very nice person. Last weekend was my third time appointment there. She scheduled me weekend time and was on time all the time. Sincerely she concerned my problem with her special herbs and gentle acupuncture. Also she accepted my health insurance plan. Her oriental medicine has been making me feel better and comfortable even if each health problem has differences among individuals.  I would like to give Dr. Kagawa Five Stars! (E.Y. San Lorenzo)
  • I have rheumatoid arthritis. To maintain my condition, I was looking for the best acupuncture doctor in local. Dr. Kagawa is the best acupuncturist I ever met. Her treatment is very gentle and soft, if you have fear about acupuncture, because of needle, you should try her treatment. Clinic is very clean and quiet. You can relax, and soften all your muscle. After the treatment. you can feel your body is lighter than before. (M.S. Sunnyvale)
  • I came to Kagawa Kampo Clinic 2 months ago. Before coming to the clinic, I had back surgery to correct a spinal canal stenosis condition. The surgery helped; however, I still continued to have numbness in my leg and hip and pain shooting from hip to my big toe. This has continued for last two years. I’ve had several spinal injections during this time; however, these only minimally helped. I continued to take pain medication which made me sleepy during day and caused insomnia and nightmares. I was in a state of depression. My doctor recommended I go to physical therapy; however, this only made my pain worse. I’m very pleased with the treatment I’ve received at the clinic. Dr.Kagawa she is very kind and a good listener. The treatments are provided in a very professional manner and, best of all, I’ve had no side effects. My pain is almost gone. Thank you, Dr. Kagawa, for helping me recover and enjoy life again. (T.S. Santa Clara County)
  • I went here for 3times she treated me well.I got a good relief.This treatment is worth for how much u pay. (R.C. San Jose)
  • Dr. Kagawa listens to your symptoms and what is concerning you for long time and every visit. Her treatment is very gentle so you can relax a lot. I would recommend her for anybody who is looking for an Eastern medical treatment. (D.S. San Mateo)
  • Dr. Kagawa and I have been practicing at the same location for about three years so far. We both are practicing acupuncture and medicine with a lot of passion, thus we are serious but friendly competitors!
    I’m pretty sure that, over the years, I have lost quite a few patients to Dr. Kagawa simply because she listens attentively and treats gently, and is more available conveniently. To fool myself, some patients just want to switch between Dim Sum and Sushi from time to time. 🙂
    Dr. Kagawa is one of the very  few Japanese acupuncture doctors in the area who really practice acupuncture in Japanese style with Japanese needles.
    I think Dr. Kagawa’s quality service should be fairly presented and recommended to those who are still searching for solutions to their health issues. (F.H. Sunnyvale)
  • Dr. Kagawa takes time to listen to the patient. She is very attentive to what you and your body needs. She is very attentive. Her treatments are gentle. It is also nice that I can ask her any questions or concerns I may have. Her price is very reasonable and honest. (which I was very impressed!)  Her treatments are very relaxing. Highly recommended. (S.G. San Francisco)
  • Amazing accuracy of treatment needs and formulas.Results showing almost instantly and still lasting.Thank You. (Anonymous)
  • Dr. Kagawa is a great listener and very knowledgeable. She treats you as if you are the most valuable patient for her and takes her time to know every symptom and concern you have, in order for her to provide the best solution.
    My symptoms are gone – it’s amazing. One example – I had been suffered by stubborn stiffness in my shoulder/neck area for a long time and had to go get a massage 1-2 times a month. But after her treatments and Kampo medicine, it’s gone. After all, a massage treats your immediate symptom and give a temporal comfort but the combination of acupuncture and Kampo could get rid of the cause for the symptom – and eventually contribute to your wellness.
    The needles she use are so thin and you don’t feel any noticeable pain, and she treats your whole body with a very minimum treatment cost. She explains the cost of the treatment and Kampo in advance. So you can trust her 120% and be comfortable to receive her treatment.
    Sounds great? You must email or call her now to make an appointment in advance since she is very popular and her primary job is a NASA scientist generously using her spare time for the clinic. (Y.Y., Santa Clara)