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We invite you to experience Japanese traditional herbal medicine, Kampo, and acupuncture as natural and personalized remedies for your health concerns.

What is Kampo?

Kampo medicine is the study and adaptation of traditional Chinese medicine in Japan. It is widely accepted by Japanese medical doctors either when the conventional medicine fails to help patients, when patients suffer from strong side effects of conventional medications or when patients suffer from functional complaints. Kampo uses most of the traditional Chinese medical system including acupuncture and moxibustion but primarily signifies the practice of herbal medicine. Most of the Kampo herbal formulas are based on a classical Chinese medical textbook, “Shang Han Za Bing Lun (Discussion of Cold Damage and Complex Diseases)”, which is the greatest of all Chinese medical books, written about 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty (200 BC to 220 AD). Therefore, the safety and efficacy of those herbal formulas have been tested and proven over two millenia.

Why Kampo?

Most people who suffer from chronic headache such as migraine rely on conventional medications to alleviate the pain. Some of those medications can cause annoying side effects including paresthesia (pins & needle sensations), dry mouth, dizziness, recurrence of headache, and temporary memory loss. Using Kampo herbal treatment can reduce or eliminate the need for those conventional medications and aims for complete amelioration of headaches.

The use of Kampo herbal treatment combined with, or as a replacement for conventional medication is commonly practiced in Japan, especially when patients suffer from side effects of conventional medications. The widely used conventional medications for migraine focus on stopping the pain by inhibiting the physiological pain response of the body. In Kampo, we analyze your physical constitution to determine “Sho” (physical type) and treat you as a whole, not only treating your headache. Therefore, it is possible to bring your body back to its formerly healthful condition, before the ailment started.

Kampo and Science

Although Kampo medicine is 2000 year-old, modern scientific methods have been used to reveal the secret of classical medicine. If you are interested in scientific articles about Kampo medicine, please take a look at the Science page. As you may notice from these studies, more than 50% of migraine sufferers are treated successfully with Go Shu Yu Tou (one of the Kampo formulas), but not all.  Our job is to select formulas that best suit you by using classical diagnostic methods such as pulse-taking and abdominal diagnosis.