Allergic rhinitis and Kampo

Allergic rhinitis is annoying and can cause headache. If you suffer from it, you may not be able to enjoy wonderful weather and beautiful flowers. So sad!

If you have runny nose with clear abundant nasal discharge, watery eyes, and sneezing, Ma Huang Fu Zi Xi Xin Tang, which warms your body and removes excess water, may work well. Do you think Kampo herbal treatment takes long time to show it’s effect? Not always. Japanese Kampo practitioner, Dr. Iwao Yamamoto (-2001) was used to bring the Kampo formula powder with him when he went to give a lecture for medical doctors who are interested in Kampo. He asked the audience to raise hand if they suffered from allergic rhinitis, gave the powder formula to them at site, and watched how long it took to stop their sneezing and runny nose. He found out that it usually took only 5 minutes to stop sneezing and 15 minutes to stop runny nose. Isn’t it fast?

Shozo Bando, Kampo Treatment 44 Rules (2006), Medical Yukon (in Japanese)

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