Chronic headache cured by Wu Zhu Yu Tang – 1

42 yr-old female with pale complexion and middle-sized body. She had chronic headache for years which was getting worse those days and worst after menstruation. The headache occurred once or twice a month and was only on one side of the head. She vomited when the pain was on the right side of her head. She could not eat nor drink for 2 days when she had headache and could not eat for few days after that. She always felt preceding stiff neck followed by her headache. Bowel movements were once everyday, menstruation was regular, no ribcage pain, slight glomus was palpated in epigastrium during abdominal diagnosis. Wu Zhu Yu Tang was given. She took it for three weeks and her chronic headache was cured.

Keisetu Otsuka “Practical Kampo Treatment Illustrated by Cases” 5th edition Nanzando (2000) p.24-25 (in Japanese) Translated by Hiromi Kagawa

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